Freedy Power Patch has been designed for those smartphones which are not equipped with a built-in wireless charging receiver. By simply aligning and attaching the Power Patch in parallel with the terminal, if any, for wireless charging located in the back of smartphone, user can enjoy wireless charging function. Please note that ‘Freedy Power Patch does not support all the smartphone models. Depending on the user’s smartphone models, users may need a power patch or wireless charging back cover for the phones they use. Or, users may already have a smartphone with built-in wireless charging function. Please refer to the below link to find out which phone models support Qi wireless charging.

Model Number : KWP-206
0.7mm Ultra Thin! Use your own case!
Once the power patch is in use, it may cause NFC not to function fully.
Once the power patch is in use, water-proof function may not be working well.
Please note that the power patch will not be compatible with the original S-View Flip Cover. (However, this power patch is compatible with the factory-default battery case.)