a story of freedy

Coined from the word ‘Free’ meaning ‘freedom’ and ‘Feed’ meaning ‘getting the power or source by itself,’

FREEDY has become into being as the wireless charging brand of KOMATECH.
FREEDY brand name has been created in order to help customers being familiarized with the concept of wireless charging,
which may have been little bit difficult to understand for end-users, otherwise.
We Team FREEDY are looking forward to giving wider publicity of this brand as Korea’s leading wireless charging brand to the world.


magnetic inductive
wireless charging

Wireless charging method of ‘FREEDY’ is based on magnetic induction. Magnetic induction works as the following method. Transmitting coil (Transmitter) communicates with the receiver of a device such as smartphone using a specific electromagnetic frequency that is converted into electrical power to charge the battery. Most widely known standard is called ‘Qi’ by Wireless Power Consortium(WPC),in which industry-leading phone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Google follow the standard as members. We at FREEDY also adopts ‘Qi’ standard, hence being perfectly compatible with all the Qi-supporting mobile phones made by major phone manufacturers. For your information, please see the below link to find out more about ‘Qi.’


Ultimate goal of wireless charging by FREEDY is to transfer power without any restraint in space or location, just like we enjoy WiFi nowadays. In order to realize this, we at KOMATECH have participated in developing magnetic resonance-based technology which is considered to be a next generation technology for wireless charging, together with global companies. We are committed to build a truly meaningful Ubiquitous environment in life, by constantly focusing and researching on it.



Once the time comes when all the electronic devices could receive power supply wirelessly, not being confined to time and location, the word ‘charging’ may vanish from the dictionary. In addition, if mid-power devices such as Notebook PC and kitchen appliances can be charged wirelessly, it will not take long before this imagination becomes a reality.

This effort in applying wireless charging in general locations like home, offices, public places and inside cars has already begun. We Team FREEDY pledge to realize this dream with a belief that imagination today will become a reality in the near future.